Business Development

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HR Consulting

As a Human Resources consultant, we help clients improve organization’s HR departments by intro.. Read More

HR Training & Development

We provide top notch training to bright minded individuals to prosper and succeed in their career... Read More

Holistic HR

We help organizations to transform their business culture by introducing changes in the area of or.. Read More

IT Consulting

Our expertise in the field of IT, ICT is phenomenal. We have helped many organizations to focus .. Read More

General IT

As a company deeply committed to pursue its engagement in the IT field, it did create the capabilit.. Read More

Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS

We are currently implementing multiple ITS projects in Ethiopia which targets Improving or Moderni.. Read More

Investment & Development Consulting

Besides our day today engagements in the investment and development sector, we do also provide con.. Read More

Project and Business Management Consulting

As a seasoned professional organization with decades of experience, we are more than ready to advi.. Read More

Financial Consulting

We provide financial advisory to address firms and organizations to improve their financial manage.. Read More

Operations Consulting

As operations consultant we help our clients improve their performance by introducing operational.. Read More

Management Consulting

We do consult a variety of business and organisations mainly by focusing on their strategic issues.. Read More

Strategy Consulting

We are highly specialized on strategic topics such as corporate and organisational strategy, econo.. Read More